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Why is it you so often find yourself lacking in faith, impatient, not trusting or letting go, but in fight or flight, struggling to control the uncontrollable? For most, the energy of trust and letting-go bring on an imbalance - the emotions of trusting themselves or others is "scary" - and the pain or insecurity [...]

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Listen To Your Little Kid…

Listen To Your Little Kid Because blaming others, or attempting to control everything, distract or numb ourselves just keeps us locked into our blocks, our wounds, or the feelings of victim-hood. It is profound in today's modern life how much focus, time, and physical energy, effort, we will commit ourselves to in order to achieve [...]

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What Pregnant Women Should Know About Depression And Anxiety

As a Maternal Mental Health Specialist I work with women in every stage of having a baby from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Here is what pregnant women should know about depression and anxiety. Most women at any time along their journey to becoming a mother, experience some form of depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety [...]

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Tips For Setting Healthy Boundaries

For many of us setting healthy boundaries can be difficult for a variety of reasons. When we don't set healthy boundaries with the people in our lives we experience our mental, emotional and physical health can suffer. Below are some tips for setting healthy boundaries in your life. 1. Check your personal engine light. Think [...]

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What Is Empathy?

What is empathy? And why is it different than sympathy? -empathy fuels connection - feeling with people -sympathy drives disconnection Unfortunately, most of use have learned to practice sympathy instead of empathy and this has led to big problems in the way we communicate and our ability to connect with the ones we love. Bréne [...]

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The Life Organizer On Comfort Versus Numbing

Jennifer Louden is a personal growth pioneer who has written six books on well-being and whole living that have inspired more than a million women in nine languages. I recently read her first book, The Life Organizer, and wanted to share her powerful words and insight on comfort versus numbing with you in hopes of [...]

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What Is Bréne Brown’s The Daring Way™?

What is Bréne Brown's The Daring Way™? I wish I got asked this question more but I don't and that makes me sad and frustrated. I became a Certified The Daring Way™ Facilitator last year after attending Bréne Brown's training in 2013. I can honestly say it was a life changing experience for me and [...]

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The Importance of Play In Raising Mentally Healthy Children

The importance of play in raising mentally healthy children is the topic of this talk by Dr. Peter Gary. If you are a parent then you definitely want to watch this. I promise, it will be worth your time. Dr. Peter Gray compellingly brings attention to the reality that over the past 60 years in [...]

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Women’s Support Group In Long Beach, CA

Beginning January 5, 2015 I will be facilitating a Women's Support Group in Long Beach, CA. This support group will be an ongoing and is designed to help women face challenges in their lives with a group of peers who will encourage them, challenge them and support them. We will be talking about women's issues, [...]

You Are AWESOME-Accountability Coaching Program

I'm excited to introduce my You Are AWESOME-Accountability Coaching Program. I developed this accountability coaching service because losing weight and maintaining weight loss are areas of struggle for many individuals. As a psychotherapist I work with a variety of people who are either struggling to take the first step in their weight loss journey, or [...]