Your Healing Depends On How You Tell Your Story

I believe your healing depends on how you tell your story. We can re-write our stories of struggle and pain from a place of shame and blame or from a place of compassion and love. How we choose to write our story will have a profound effect on our ability to heal from our pain [...]

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Taking Control Of Your Emotions

Taking control of your emotions can help us in living a more positive, fulfilling life. There are three factors that determine what you feel. These factors are your Physiology, Language and Focus. Together, they create any—and every—emotional state. Learning how each factor plays a role in how we feel, we can learn to take control [...]

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Finding Your Passion

I work with many individuals who come to me because the don't know what their passion or purpose is. They report feeling "stuck" or "lost" in their careers, jobs and lives resulting in feeling uninspired and unfulfilled and turning to unhealthy ways to cope. So how do we find our purpose or our passion? Would [...]

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The Secret To A Happy Brain

We all strive for happiness. But what if I told you that the answer to happiness is really quite easy. Dr. Amit Sood shares the secret to a happy brain in this short video based on his research. Mind you, Dr. Amit Sood is not a self-help author or a salesman of snake oil or [...]


Why is it you so often find yourself lacking in faith, impatient, not trusting or letting go, but in fight or flight, struggling to control the uncontrollable? For most, the energy of trust and letting-go bring on an imbalance - the emotions of trusting themselves or others is "scary" - and the pain or insecurity [...]

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Listen To Your Little Kid…

Listen To Your Little Kid Because blaming others, or attempting to control everything, distract or numb ourselves just keeps us locked into our blocks, our wounds, or the feelings of victim-hood. It is profound in today's modern life how much focus, time, and physical energy, effort, we will commit ourselves to in order to achieve [...]

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The Life Organizer On Comfort Versus Numbing

Jennifer Louden is a personal growth pioneer who has written six books on well-being and whole living that have inspired more than a million women in nine languages. I recently read her first book, The Life Organizer, and wanted to share her powerful words and insight on comfort versus numbing with you in hopes of [...]

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Women’s Support Group In Long Beach, CA

Beginning January 5, 2015 I will be facilitating a Women's Support Group in Long Beach, CA. This support group will be an ongoing and is designed to help women face challenges in their lives with a group of peers who will encourage them, challenge them and support them. We will be talking about women's issues, [...]

You Are AWESOME-Accountability Coaching Program

I'm excited to introduce my You Are AWESOME-Accountability Coaching Program. I developed this accountability coaching service because losing weight and maintaining weight loss are areas of struggle for many individuals. As a psychotherapist I work with a variety of people who are either struggling to take the first step in their weight loss journey, or [...]

The Importance of A Positive Father-Daughter Relationship

Having a positive father-daughter relationship can have important psychological benefits for young girls and plays a major role in helping girls grow into healthy, well-adjusted women. Many people underestimate the importance a positive father-daughter relationship has on a daughter’s life. It's been shown by various studies that the quality of the father–daughter relationship has an [...]

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