Lessons To Building Resilience

I'd like to share with you three lessons to building resilience. The three lessons I learned about joy and light come from people I’ve worked with who have spent time in sorrow and darkness. My hope is that if you are in darkness that one of these lessons may help you to make your way [...]

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What Pregnant Women Should Know About Depression And Anxiety

As a Maternal Mental Health Specialist I work with women in every stage of having a baby from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Here is what pregnant women should know about depression and anxiety. Most women at any time along their journey to becoming a mother, experience some form of depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety [...]

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Tis The Season…To Forget What’s Important

Well, the holidays are upon us once again. And, Tis the season..to forget what's important. When I came across this old post from Bréne Brown, I thought it would be worth reposting. The holidays are a time when things can quickly get out of hand as we hustle for our worthiness and we can easily [...]

Conscious Communication

This is a great article by Deepak Chopra that you some strategies on how to get your needs met in your relationship. Conscious Communication In his book Nonviolent Communication, psychologist Marshall Rosenberg reminds us that the better we become at communicating our needs, the more likely we are to get them met—and the greater emotional [...]

Vulnerability, Shame and Not Being Good Enough

Vulnerability, Shame and Not Being Good Enough Brené Brown is a Social Worker, Researcher and Published Author. Her research looks at the connection between Vulnerability, Shame and Not Being Good Enough. We are born as authentic beings with a sense of "I am Enoough", but somewhere along the way many of us lose the ability [...]

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Life Is Short…Before I Die I Want To..

I love this talk from Candy Chang.  She poses a question we could all benefit from asking ourselves after she loses a dear friend.  What's even better is she decided to use this question to bring a community together.  She lives in New Orleans in a neighborhood surrounded by run-down and abandon homes.  She chose [...]

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