We all strive for happiness. But what if I told you that the answer to happiness is really quite easy. Dr. Amit Sood shares the secret to a happy brain in this short video based on his research. Mind you, Dr. Amit Sood is not a self-help author or a salesman of snake oil or a motivational storyteller aiming to sell high speaking fees. He’s a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, a fellow of the American College of Physicians, and a well-respected researcher and practitioner of integrated medicine. Dr. Sood put together the following short on how to cultivate a (very) happy brain. It’s backed by an evidence base, and it’s powerful. So go ahead and give his lessons a try. It’s the doctor’s orders
Here’s a breakdown of the video…
-Meet Broody (work with me, people). He is an unhappy brain that struggled with fear and self-doubt.
-Broody’s friend took him to a class on happy brains. He would go on to learn a lot.
-Broody learned about the 3 traits of a brain
1. Our brain feels other’s pain as our won
2. Imaginary is reality for your brain
3. Our brain can’t tell the difference between physical pain and emotional pain
-What does this all mean: To find inner contentment snug yourself in the comfort of Gratitude and Compassion

Practicing Gratitude and Compassion changes the make up of your brain leading to the feeling of happiness. It’s that simple.

Watch the video..it’s worth it.