Counseling and Therapy in Long Beach

We all need to connect.

My purpose is to help you live the life you deserve. By utilizing an integrative approach to psychotherapy I will help you heal from your painful and traumatic experiences allowing you to live your life in the present and move from merely functioning to that of thriving! I offer individual psychotherapy and work with a variety of issues. Information on my specialties is covered below:


Anxiety: A racing heart. A general feeling of dread. An uneasiness. Or even the feeling that you are about to die. Anxiety comes in many gradations. David Barlow defines anxiety as “a future-oriented mood state in which one is ready or prepared to attempt to cope with upcoming negative events”. Most people have problems with stress or anxiety at some point or another. Problems tend to arise when stress becomes overwhelming and it starts to interfere with your ability to stay focused in the present and function in all areas of your life. This often manifests itself as anxiety or feeling tense. In therapy, I can help you discover the root of your anxiety and work toward managing it and staying present in your life.

Trauma: No matter what the cause, trauma comes in many forms. Trauma is stored in the Limbic System in our brain. When we experience trauma our brain involuntarily goes into survival mode—fight, flight or freeze. If we are not given an opportunity to process and move through it in a healthy way, we stay stuck in survival mode. Trauma is a physiological response that needs to be released. Unprocessed trauma can manifest itself in physical ways such as tension headaches, nausea and insomnia. It can affect interpersonal relationships and cause unpredictable emotions; panic attacks and acute anxiety and it can bring on anger issues, addiction, eating disorders, depression and low self-esteem. I can give you practical exercises to help you move through your trauma to live a more fulfilling and wholehearted life.

Depression: Depression can be situational or it can be a feeling that does not lift. You may lose interest in things you usually enjoy or not feel like socializing. There may be a change in your energy levels or sleeping or eating patterns. You could feel irritable, hopeless or helpless. These are all different signs of depression. The first step is to identify where you fall on the spectrum of depression. Depression that is constant may be due to a chemical imbalance in your brain that cannot be changed with just therapy alone. If this is the case, we will look at different options on the medical end to assist with helping you to feel better. Whether you are just going through a situational depression or need further medical help, I will help you to identify the source of your depression and walk you through the steps to take in beginning to feel better.

Maternal Mental Health: Pregnancy,birth and becoming a parent are big life transitions and not always easy. Hormonal changes, changes to your body, traumatic birth experiences, difficulty creating a bond with your baby, making the transition to parenthood and losing your sense of Self, can be difficult to navigate alone. Many women experience feelings of depression, anxiety, sadness and overwhelm. I can help you make sense of these emotions, help you feel supported and cared for and get you to a place were you are feeling joy and hope.